Saturday, 6 September 2008

Don Rendell/Ian Carr-Live

Hey all, couple of posts this weekend for you...hope you enjoy!!
1st up a great album by rendell & carr, one of my favourites by the pair.
recorded live at the famous Lansdowne studios in 1969 in front of about 40 guests.
DON RENDELL (Tenor, Soprano Sax; Clarinet; Flute)
IAN CARR (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Michael Garrick (Piano)
Dave Green (Bass)
Trevor Tompkins (Drums)
My cuts of choice are: Pavanne, Nimjam, Voices!!!!!!!
Ripped @320 enjoy this classic piece of english jazz n leave a comment.....



AmBrOsE said...

el goog said...

Hi ambrose
Good, good, I like it very much.
So I have this cd but I want this vinyl.
Thank you for big covers :)


E-mile said...

hi Ambrose, gonna give it a lissen very soon, got high hopes, ALWAYS liked Nucleus, Ian Carr & Co/ should be good...1969... I'm gonna lick my fingers, no doubt!
peace, E-mile

whyan said...

this is awesome, thanks for sharing.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Ambrose, I really like "Voices".

g.raf said...

'pavanne' is the stand out for me.

Thanks for another great share Ambrose.

Anonymous said...


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Gianni said...

thanks again

wara_katsu said...

wow, i wanted this stuff. thx very much!

globalocal said...

thank you very much for this much appreciated piece of european chamber jazz - ahead of its time for 1969! I had often longed to hear this LP! keep up the good work!

Djalma said...

Thanks for this amazing LP! And I'd also like to wish you all the best with your blog... Peace...


johnv said...

Many thanks Ambrose--keep up the terrific work!

Wallofsound said...

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to find your blog, but I'm certainly glad I arrived. Some great music. The Rendell / Carr, Konitz and Gilson are records I've been after for some time. Thanks for sharing, and I'm very much looking forward to your future posts.

Anonymous said...

just fell from heaven!!

please look at your email, maybe in spam, i sent you a restored cover from this album

thanks for the rip

-el cranki

Greg said...

Curses... great find. was gonna post this at the weekend but won't now obviously. Watch my blog for symphony of arthemais - soon;)

Just been drooling over an ultra rare Argo vinyl box set full of carr rendell garrick etc £300 hummm maybe an early Xmas pressie...

Nice blog :)

taro nombei said...

Greetings, and thanks for this great post.
Randall/Carr/Garrick - probably the golden age of jazz out of the UK.
Much appreciated, AmBrOsE

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this - great session well presented

Anonymous said...

shit the link isn´t working

aroonie said...

Oh yes it is! So apologize, pal.

Thank you for this rare LP, Ambrose. Keep them coming

Toque Musical said...

Blog very nice ;)
Tank you!

Michael said...

but link is dead!

Martin said...

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peskypesky said...

i dig Ian Carr, so thank you for giving me the chance to hear this rarity. :)

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

thank you for this wonderful cd British Recording :-)
hope to see ya back here soon.

Chistochel said...

What a pearl!
Thank you!!!!!

Mr.Pc said...

you have such a nice blog that i appreciate.
i share jazz in my blog too
if you could put my link to somewhere in your page, i could put yours to my page with a nice avatar.
let me know what you think.