Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lee Konitz-Stereokonitz

Hi ya'll this is my last post for a few days...away on work duties..sigh!!!
Anyway, this album is available to buy at dusty groove etc (although sold out i belive there for the moment...) but i dont think its had a full album posting on the blogs but dont quote me on it lol!!!
as quoted.. at dusty...
"One of our favorite-ever Lee Konitz albums -- a really unique session with a wonderful kind of sound! The record is one that might not please all Konitz purists -- as Lee plays a bit of Varitone sax and flute in addition to his usual acoustic alto. However, the set's got an amazing edge that you don't really hear in his other work -- and was recorded in Italy in 1968 with a hip group that's working in a tight modal soul jazz mode. The other players include Italian luminaries Enrico Rava on trumpet, Franco D'Andrea on piano, and Giovanni Tomasso on bass -- and the group grooves in a way that Konitz ensembles never do, pushing Lee to do these solos that actually open up a bit more than usual, almost even showing a bit of the spiritual jazz influences of the time. Titles include "Komonia", "Midnight Mood", "Take Seven", "Tune Down", and "Terre Lontane"

Now my rip is a french reissue i believe on RCA MASTERS and im not sure what the original cover looks like, prob the italian reissue is the correct cover??
Cant say iv seen the original vinyl for sale, so im interseted in its value anyone???
Anyway ripped at 320..a must for modal nuts like myself!!!!


AmBrOsE said...

il angelo said...

My reissue has this cover, aparently is the real one.
A very inussual Konitz album.
Thanks for the Gilson

g.raf said...

Hi Ambrose,
Thank you for another great post.
I think this is his best work!

katonah said...

this baby rocks, 5, 4 and three ..

Quimsy said...

Thx for the posts thus far - if the standard of your previous rips is anything to go by u'l be a fine addition to the blogging community.

Respect to u and long may u continue


Anonymous said...

cover and ebay sale of original press:

johnv said...

Nice one, Ambrose. This is a really nice place to visit!

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Simon666 said...

Hi Ambrose -
I had "Five Four and Three" up as a 'Track of the Day' today, and pointed people over here for the album. Hope all is good with you!

jossip said...

Thanks for this Ambrose, can't wait to dig in.
I'm over here, feel free to visit :


edlorado said...

thanks for sharing!

Peter said...

Thanks again!