Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Scott Bradford- Rock Slides

Hi all, glad to see you were all enjoying my 1st post....thats a hard record to follow!!
Im trying to post a few records out of my collection i havent seen or have missed on the blogs but please inform me if you have seen anything iv uploaded elswhere.I shall only be posting my own rips where i can and try and give a little back to the ppl iv leached off before hehe!!
Ok i dont think iv seen this upped, but iv digged this scott bradford album for years!!! (i am a sucker for any record featuring NATHAN DAVIS tho lol!!!!) recorded for abc probe, but im not sure of the year??? but sounds like 70/71 anyway
Ripped at 320 for your pleasure, Njoy n plz leave a comment if you so wish........;)


AmBrOsE said...

Emile said...

hi Ambrose, read your comment over at the almighty El Goog Ja, came stumbling as fast as I could over here, cause YEAH, indeed (me too) I'm a SUCKER for ANY Nathan DAvis I'm damned curious about the rock slides over here :-)
If it's OK by you I'd like to link you up over at my little baby blog,
please let me know if' that's OK by you?
you can visit me here:
BTW: I owe El Goog the world for introducing me to the (NEW TO ME!) music of Nathan Davis! He's such a GREAT player, incredible....
peace, E-mile

johnv said...

Can't agree more with E-Mile about Nathan Davis. Thanks for this share Ambrose, it's another album that really looks intriguing that I've never seen before.

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

You're off to a nice start here. I hope it's ok, I linked you up over at my spot. Feel free to come by and pay me a visit. Thanks for this nice share.

-Dr. Johnny Fever

katonah said...

tasty ..

KingCake said...

Well who the hell can resist Nathan Davis! Now that I see how few the items you have and how high end the ones I recognize are I'm pretty tempted try the stuff I don't know too. If you haven't been yet come on over to my place The Kingcake Krypt and have a look see

boogieman said...

Hi Ambrose,
I'm pretty sure this album was recorded in Belgium when Nathan Davis, Scott Bradford and Stu Martin were living there. I remember seeing Nathan Davis with the BRT (Flemish Radio & TV) Jazz Orchestra, and the whole bunch (Nathan,Scott,Stu) with Jess & James, a belgo-portuguese soul-pop duo.
There are well known Begians jazzmen on this album: Janot Morales and Nick Kletch' were veterans of the Belgian bop and big band scene. They were members of Marc Moulin's Placebo also. hilip Catherine does not need no introduction.
As for the album, ambitious but no really good. It's kinda like they don't know what they want ... avant-garde jazz, soul-jazz, pop-rock instrumentals ...
Still, an interesting historical artefact. Thanks for posting it.

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Chistochel said...

Absolutely brilliant!
If you feel like posting anything
more by this artist, just do it!
I'll be grateful!

Anonymous said...

As Chistochel said:

"...If you feel like posting anything more by this artist, just do it!..."


bluebird said...

Thanks for this - glad to see it still here and for a chance to hear the great Nathan Davis.

Dan Davies said...

I only just heard about Scott Bradford today when looking up Marc Moulin. The one track I heard sounds great! I would love to hear more although your link seems to be dead and the only way I can buy this album is as an original pressing LP - many copies of which are at a high price and of questionable condition.

Does anyone know where I could get a digital copy?